While I have many to thank for much, for this website specifically, I would like to thank the following:

Carol Kaufman, a new friend who gave me this website domain as a gift, and in essence said to me “Get to work! It’s worth putting out there.”

Casey E. Davis, my now-Yankee daughter who believes in my little written discourses as much as anyone—maybe a little too much, and who pushes me more than anyone to create a good blog.

Aaron Kaufman, who labored for hours on my “Drippin’ Ink” header with all those little pictures and the dripping ink artwork.

Carly Davis-Speeg, my now-Alabama daughter who offers me beyond-her-years advice on some of the things I write and always has great suggestions on the graphic presentation of the site.

John Carney of the Lawrence County Press for publishing my columns in his newspaper and for giving me his wholehearted support to re-publish them here and move forward with this project.

Becky, Zelda, Jimmie, Bowie, Mo, Zoom, Joll, the Big Guy, Rayborn, the Pioneer Man (formerly the Wolf Man), Mr. Bull, the Socker, Casey Elizabeth, Carly Joanna, and a WHOLE HOST of others, some gone but many not, who have made up and continue to make up the fabric of my existence.

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